Director - Geoffrey Sax
Year - (2005)

Overall, I felt that White Noise suffered from a great concept with poor execution. From the very start, with a brief synopsis of the practice of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and the trailers showing us some very creepy imagery, I stoked for this film. However, as the movie wore on, and Michael Keatons character Jonathan Rivers got deeper an deeper into the mystery of the film, I was more focused on my free bag of popcorn. Though it was great to see Mr. Keaton doing movies again.

But on with the review. Jonathan Rivers had the kind of life that was so perfect, you knew sometime, something would go wrong. That event happens when Chandra West, his gorgeous, famous writer wife goes missing. Weeks pass as Jonathan is eaten away by grief and the truth that no one knows what happened to his wife, Anna. However, the real shock comes when he gets a visit from Raymond Price, played by Ian McNeice, whos gotten a little more portly since his last role. Raymond tries to convince Jonathan that not only is his wife dead, but since the moment of her death, she has been trying to contact Jonathan.

When Raymonds words ring true, and Anna is found dead, Jonathan spends six months trying to cope with the loss. Honestly, this is Michael Keatons best strength in the film, since I believed how much he loved his wife, the shock of losing her, and the frantic urge to find out what happened to her, when he finally decides to see Raymond, and hear a recording of his wife.

The most interesting portion of this film works like an A&E special on Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or simply EVP. How it works, what can be captured and the implications of communicating with the dead. By simply recording a bunch of static on a de-tuned TV or Radio, the EVP tech can sometimes capture the voices and images of deceased people who usually just want to drop a message saying hey.

However, past this point, the film turns south in a big way. Billing White Noise as a horror film means that the writers and film makers had to make the movie scary, and this is why they had Jonathans communication with his wife interrupted by three ghostly men who are seriously pissed off. However, White Noise never really stood up against the true scary movies the likes of Poltergeist or more recently, The Ring. The scares limited to cheap scares when the music jumps and something appears on screen. The scene involving the psychic played by Keegan Connor Tracy was frustratingly short and left me wanting more. Keegan Tracy was the girl who got PVC pipe through her head in Final Destination 2.

Since the film really didnt scare, I dont have much more to say on the horror side of things. However, even in simple storytelling, the plot had way to many holes, unanswered questions and leaps of logic that hurt the film more than anything else. Who were the three men and what were they before they died? Was it the three men or Anna sending Jonathan on missions to help other people? Why didnt Raymond warn Jonathan about the dangers of EVP beforehand, and could anyone really record ghosts on their home TVs?

The problem of poor storytelling hampered the film, but the movie gets points for the concept that was original and interesting, which sort of requires more research. Go to and save your seven bucks.

Reviewed By - Evil Ash

Rating ( 2 of 5 )



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