Director - Joe Castro
Year - (2004)

In recent years, I have tried, oh I have tried to roll the dice on the ultra low cheese puff budget films. Most of the time, I find that the filmmakers aren't even attempting to be interesting. But don't get me wrong: every now and then I do apprciate a good old fashioned ultra low budget horror thriller, with guerilla style filmmaking. I also look for the good in the bad, the bad in the good, and so on.

And then, low and behold, "Jackhammer Massacre" where main character Jack Magnus (Aaron Gaffey) gets cranked up on dope, he gains abnormal strength, picks up a jackhammer, and dispatces a tweaked out revenge over anyone who had crossed him or is going to evict him out of the warehouse where he crashes.

It soon becomes routine, as first he takes care of his pusher/dealer, then his sister's lesiban girlfriend, his boss, and then this bunch of folks who have come to... well, after watching this, I sort of lost track of what they were there for - except to get drilled. Most of the killings are encouraged by the hallucination of his (dead) best buddy.

If you like your gore cheap, you will like this film. If you loved "Terror Toons", you might want to take a look. As for me, I was curious, because "Jackhammer" is promoted as a mad slasher variation. In truth, his drugged out paranoid killing spree starts in the opening credits, then it is a 40 minute backstory.

That's not too bad, because while denied the real purpose of the film, the fall of Jack seems more interesting. Yes, we get to see endless shots of folks getting loaded, Jack going from Wall Street type to drug addict. We get a graphic OD of his buddy. Some would be dealer stiffs him. Then, he\'s doped up more, and snaps. The novelty soon wears thin, and you do root for Jack, simply because he offs the dumbest people in the film.

Helmer Castro again does not take it seriously, although he could have. So why am I even bothering with this faint praise? Because I did like the look of the lead actor. He looks sleep deprived, crazy, and that helps give the picture at least a speck of notoriety. And, back to Castro- with a bit of push, hopefully this guy could very well follow in the footsteps of Greg Akari.

Yes, that's a bold statement. But while the pic moves at a turtle's pace, there is promise, and I look for the good in the bad, the bad in the good, things like that.

Reviewed By - Darren J Seeley

Rating ( 2 of 5 )



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