Director - Brad Turner
Year - (2004)

With my handy-dandy Blockbuster Movie Pass, I can safely say that I rent about six movies a week. And in the interest of making the most out of it, I have been able to rent movies that normally Id pass up due to financial issues (Read: Im broke). Sometimes, Im able to discover great flicks like Before Sunset, Foolproof, starringRyan Reynolds, and Versus, which I love to death. For the most part, however, I end up with flicks like Darkhunters, Vampiyaz and most recently Species 3.

Now, I should start by saying that while the 2nd movie in the Species series just plain sucked, Im a huge fan of the original, starring Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Marge Hellenberger, Alfred Molina, Forest Whitaker and Ben Kingsley. Way back in 1995 the first Species had equal amounts of sex, gore and sci-fi to make it a great little guilty pleasure amongst horror fans. The idea of a monster whos still genetically half human with an insatiable desire to breed was borderline soft core porn, but special effects and action saved it from being truly cheesy.

The fact that the latest installment went straight to video, however, should clue you folks in to the quality of the picture. So here we go. Following immediately after the events of the sequel, we are introduced to Sara, the 3rd generation of hot, horny women disguising a much less attractive, temperamental and homicidal alien being. Sara is the product of some unfortunate coupling of Natasha Henstridges Eve, clone of the original Sil from the first movie, and Patrick, the astronaut who was infected with alien DNA and spent most of the movie impregnating hot waitresses two at the time.

Sara, played by only so-so hottie, Sunny Mabrey, goes through the familiar motions of the original movies. Henstridge reprises her role as Eve for the first five minutes of the movie, long enough to give birth to Sara, and then promptly be snuffed out by one of Patricks offspring. Sara grows at the rate of 2 years per day, until finally she cocoons like a butterfly and emerges as a naked blonde.

What this movie tried to do, and only partially succeed, was make Sara the ultimate version of the alien creation, since both her parents were half human and half alien, she represents the purest and most deadliest form of the mysterious alien species thus far. Meanwhile, the offspring of Patrick that has survived only live long enough to die horrible and icky deaths, since it is later explained that these half-breeds lack sufficient genetic material to withstand common variety illnesses.

Enter Dr. Almond, played by Robert Knepper, and his young but brilliant assistant Dean, played by direct to video star, Robin Dunn. Dunn has been in such milestones as Cruel Intentions 2, The Skulls 2, and American Psycho 2. Dr. Almond hopes to use Saras unfertilized eggs to generate a pure strain of the alien DNA, with enough humanity in it to be controlled, resistant to disease, and hopefully write his way into the Nobel Prize.

Now about here is where the movie turns south, since up til then, I thought the movie had a surprising amount of story. Simply put, nothing happens for a good thirty minutes worth mentioning. Sunny Mabrey unfortunately plays the alien vibe a little to close to an emotionless robot, who no longer finds humans attractive enough to mate with, thereby diluting her potential alien offspring. Personally, I thought sex was the cornerstone of the series and when you take that out, and dont even throw in enough gore to make up for the slack, the rest of the film just becomes one minor event after another.

The only high point, however, is once the surviving half-breeds show up looking for a cure, its up to Sara to defend herself against a mini army of aliens all on their last leg in life. Even this, however, feels like a wasted opportunity.

And that sums up the rest of the film. The idea was there to make it worth your money and my time, but unfortunately the end result failed. The slight amount of nudity and the two instances of alien vs. alien battle makes me suggest you wait until you come across Species 3 in the bargain bin.

Reviewed By - Evil Ash

Rating ( 1 of 5 )



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