Director - Wes Craven
Year - (1984)

Probably Wes Craven's most well-known movie that was made into one of the best horror series of all time is certainly not one to miss if your a horror-movie goer. Not for the weak minded. Some actually HAD nightmares involving Freddy Krueger and when theywoke up really thought they were going to be killed in their sleep by him. That's the exact impact Wes Craven wanted. Wes later went on to direct part seven and co-write part three of the series.

Even though the movie has made its place in horror history, I feel there isn't really much to say. A group of (partially) intelligent kids live on boring Elm Street in a town called... I forget. Nobody cares. They all start having terrible nightmares about a knife-fingered man in a tattered hat and a christmas sweater trying to kill them. Though they try to find what's going on, they all begin to die... one by one. Then Freddy meets his match; Nancy Thompson (played by Heather Langenkamp). She is constantly dealing with Freddy as well as her alcoholic mother (Ronee Blakley) and her father, Leuitenant Thompson of the police force (John Saxon). Johnny Depp is also introduced and this is I think the oldest movie I've seen him in. He plays Nancy's boyfriend, Glen Lantz, who I thnk has the creepiest death in the movie. Getting sucked into yer bed...Yeesh! I also believe that Robert Englund portrayed Freddy Kruger the best anyone else ever could have. I haven't seen any other actor play the part, which may be what makes Robert Englund the best Freddy and the only Freddy in the world. Through the course of the movies, Robert developed all of Freddy's movements very well and incorporated them into each movie. So when I watched his performance in Freddy vs. Jason, I was astounded by how well he played the most hated villain in horror movie history.

The movie also had pretty good acting, unlike the Friday the 13th series, which basically just grabbed a kid as long as they were a teenager and had them get sliced open by whoever was playing Jason at the time. The movie has okay special effects, like the makeup of Freddy's burnt skin, although Freddy's face has very few full shots in the movie. Starting off with some of the most orginal death scenes yet, and some things Freddy does just to terrify the kids are also quite well done. I found them very effective. Afterwards, the movie went a bit downhill. The end was severely confusing and took me three watchings to even remotely understand.

Also, and probably the best thing of this movie, is the originality. The idea that some child murdering creep, killed by parents who took the law into their own hands years ago, now invades the children in their dreams. The idea of some guy going into dreams, which are a mistery of the human mind, gives the horror endless possibilities. Anyhting can ahppen in your dreams, and Freddy Krueger manipulating them to kill you makes it seem so... deeply scary.

Overall, I think the movie was quite good, highest score is in originalty, which was killed by the next five sequels. Most of all, it sort of depends on how easily scared you get by movies. If so, not for the faint of heart.

Reviewed By - Sick Mind

Rating ( 4 of 5 )



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