Director - Don Mancini
Year - (2004)

Just when I thought that this month couldn't get any better! I've attended both a screening for Saw and a premeire for The Grudge, now I was invited to a screening for Seed of Chucky!

I was never really a big fan of the Child's Play series. I mean, a killer doll, why not just kick it across the room for God's sake!

Anyway, I was invited to an early, and by early I mean very early screening to the highly anticipated "Seed of Chucky". And as unanxious as I was to see the film, by time the film was over I actually wish I was more anxious to see the film. Does that make since?

Anyway, here's your basic outline of the story: Following the events of 'Bride of Chucky,' killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany are now faced with the challenge of raising their child, Glen, becoming a family of killer dolls.

First off, many of us would have guessed that from the ending of Bride of Chucky and maybe even by the title, that there was bound to be Chucky's baby sooner or later. Well, I guess all odds leaned toward sooner, which isn't a bad thing.

Seed of Chucky combines the interlectual elements of imagery and creativity with the different deaths that take place in the film. These are probably some of the best death scenes that I've seen since "Final Destination 2". They are well thought out and so twisted and demented that I could barely seperate the false elements that were taking place from reality. Okay, I won't go that far, but hear me out, they are pretty freakin' realistic!

The acting is average, exactly what you would come to expect from a Child's Play film. But no hard feelings. I love watching films that Jennifer Tilly stars in. Most of them are absolutley outrageous, which brings me to my next statement.

Seed of Chucky is hilarious and for most Child's Play fans, you know that Child's Play doesn't really succeed in the department of terrifying but it achieves more in the department of humor.

The directing is well done, better than some I've seen *cough* Uwe Boll *cough*. I'm always amazed when the director discovers the incredible invention called a TRIPOD.

As most of you probably saw on the trailer, Brittany Spears meets a gruesome dimise. This was probably one of the most hilarious scenes in the film. "Thank God for the little people". Ain't that the truth?

The soundtrack is exacty what you would expect from a horror movie. A lot of heavy metal/hard rock tunes are present, just incase the sound of Chucky isn't annoying enough. Okay, that's not true. Everyone loves to hear Chucky.

Anyway, I wasn't able to see the end of the film, however. I guess they want to save the ending for when it is released on November 10th. So I guess that means I will be seeing this film again just to check it out.

Over all, Seed of Chucky is a good movie. I wouldn't call it a must see for horror fans, but if your in the mood for some serious humour and some creative death sequences, then check this flick out. If not, see The Grudge.

Reviewed By - Nemesis

Rating ( 4 of 5 )



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