Director - James Wan
Year - (2004)

I was finally able to get into a screening for the most anticipated movie this year, 'Saw'. After viewing the film, my mind was completly blank. All I could think of was that I had to see this film again, and you better believe that on October 29th, my ass will be in the theater an hour early.

'Saw' is brilliant. This film is what nightmares are made of! 'Saw' is pure terror that will drive you out of your seat praying for someone to survive, but guess what, for everyone that survives someone has to die!

In the vein of 'Se7en', 'Saw' also digs deep down grabbing your greatest fears and not letting go until the stunning climax that I gurantee is one of the best you'll ever see!

Here is the basic synopsis, or maybe not so basic but without a doubt clever: A young man named Adam (LEIGH WHANNELL) wakes to find himself chained to a rusty pipe inside a decrepit subterranean chamber. Chained to the opposite side of the room is another bewildered captive, Dr. Lawrence Gordon (CARY ELWES). Between them is a dead man lying in a pool of blood, holding a .38 in his hand. Neither man knows why he has been abducted; but instructions left on a microcassette order Dr. Gordon to kill Adam within eight hours. If he fails to do so, then both men will die, and Dr. Gordon's wife, Alison (MONICA POTTER), and his daughter will be killed. Recalling a recent murder investigation by a police detective named Tapp (DANNY GLOVER), Dr. Gordon realizes he and Adam are the next victims of a psychopathic genius known only as "Jigsaw." With only a few hours left to spare, they must unravel the elaborate puzzle of their fate in the midst of mounting terror. The killer has provided them with only a few clues and two handsaws - too weak to break their steel shackles, but strong enough to cut through flesh and bone.

The synopsis says it all! Every aspect of this film is superb: the editing, the directing, the acting, the gore, the score, the plot, the way the plot plays out, and the character building.

Jig-saw's motive in the film is very clever and the dialog makes you feel as if everything on the screen is really happening.

'Saw' is most defintely the best film this year and maybe ever! That's right folks, this movie could be one of the kick ass movie ever made. It's intense, smart, and most of all---terrifying!

Like I said (probably too much), 'Saw' is excellent. On October 29th, you'd better be one of the first one's to the theater. You won't be sorry.

Reviewed By - Nemesis

Rating ( 5 of 5 )



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