Director - Rolfe Kanefsky
Year - (2004)

I thought "The Hazing" had the following going for it to make me want to rent it on DVD:

1. Nice cover.

2. Brad Dourif is in it.

3. So is Brooke Burke.

So imagine my surprise when The former Wild On hostess gets knocked off in the opening credits by the evil Professor Kapps, played by Dourif. Seems Kapps isn\'t just a faculty member who teaches ancient history; he is also an occultist who wants to open the doorway so spirits from the other side can come through.

I did not know if this was Brad's actual voice; the filmmaker Britishes him up as much as they can.

During a scavenger hunt, pledges break into Kapps' house, hoping to nab the Necromicion like book that is in the professor's possession. They do, and kill Kapps in the process-right in the middle of some druidic act no less.

The pledges meet up at an old house that is rumored to be haunted. It is- by the Fraternity and Sorority leaders, who play Halloween pranks on our hapless bunch, because, well, it is Halloween.

Among our pledges are Tiffany Shepis, who is in most of the film in silver spandex, and Necter Rose, who dresses up like a Hefner bunny and is a dumb blonde. But I got a many laugh from miss Rose.

When Delia (Rose) reveals she really isn't a dumb blonde, she only played dumb to 'get laid'. It's funny because you doubted she would have much trouble if she played smart.

As the film progressed there was less emphasis on horror (but hey, you got not one but two decapitations, an attack from a slimy eel which is hacked Evil Dead style, a giant dart in the heart, and a gag that reminded me of Warlock III) and more on horror spoof. Best line was a dead Kapps instructing a former student who has trouble reading the Phonecian words- to 'just read the English transcription on the next page'. I cracked up.

With a shoestring budget Rolfe Kanefsky could have taken the film seriously, but chose not to. With the best gags saved for late, it did take awhile to get going. I think Kanefsky also had a hoot making the film, and his cast also seems to have a bit of fun. The film opens itself up for a surprise sequel, although I would not have minded at all if the last gag were milked a little more.

Worth a look, so long as you can grin and bear it.

Reviewed By - Darren J Seeley

Rating ( 2 of 5 )



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