Director - Wes Craven
Year - (1984)

This is the film that truly revolutionized slasher movies and made it possible for this genre to be good. Wes Craven brings us the story of a group of teenagers, who are plagued by nightmares that eventually becoming deadly. Heather Langenkamp, playingNancy Thompson is our heroine, who begins to wonder if the dreams are real and what the figures reasons are. What she finds out will change her forever.

Now, enough with the sypnosis, if you haven't seen this than get out of your gutter or rock and see this film. This is one of the best and original films of its kind.

Others starring is Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, John Saxon as Donald Thompson and Johnny Depp in his first movie role as Nancy's boyfriend Glenn. So go see this film and definately its sequels.

TRIVIA NOTE: Wes Craven based Freddy Krueger on a school bully who used to pick on him.

TRIVIA NOTE 2: Wes Craven based the look of Freddy by the look of a Hobo(homeless person)who scared him one night as a child.

TRIVIA NOTE 3: Wes Craven based the nightmares killing the teens on actual stories, that appeared months apart of teens complaining of someone trying to kill them in their sleep, than doing it.

TRIVIA NOTE 4: David Miller did the make-up for Freddy Krueger.

Reviewed By - Eric Curto

Rating ( 4 of 5 )



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