Director - Jack Shoulders
Year - (1985)

Pretty decent sequel to the Wes Craven original, concerns a new family living at the infamous house on Elm Street. This time newby Jesse Walsh (Mark Patton) and his family have taken up residence at Nancy's old house and the same evil resides there.

Jesse is experiencing nightmare's that are changing him (literally)into the undead Freddy Krueger. His only friend who understands his going-on is his new girlfriend Lisa (Kim Myers). They have also found the diary of Nancy Thompson and her experience with the dream killer.

This sequel is not very well liked, because of Wes Craven's absence, but I happened to enjoy it enough to give it 3 stars. The mood of the film stays the same, unlike the future installments. Freddy being kept in the dark is a nice touch too. Got see this....

TRIVIA NOTE: This is the last time that the original glove will be used, as it mysteriously disappeared after production was over with.

TRIVIA NOTE 2: This is the only film to have a male hero as the main character (part 4, 6 and Freddy VS. Jason has sidekick male heroes).

Reviewed By - Eric Curto

Rating ( 3 of 5 )



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