Director - Grant Harvey
Year - (2004)

While I felt the third film in the well done 'Ginger Snaps' series should have continued on after the events in the second film, I didn't mind this so called 'prequel' either. While I missed some of the dark humor, the last fifteen minutes of 'Back' made up for it not in laughs, but in KNB's werewolf gorefest.

Despite the theme of a group of people held up in a fort/trading post in 19th century Canada as it is surrounded by werewolves (or, as the Indians call them , The Wendigos) one nice twist is that the script clearly makes a point that the 'turned' are simply returning to the place they consider 'home'. They cannot control thier wolf-selves, as they either turn other people or tear them to shreds. The sisters Ginger and Bridgette (Katherine Isabelle, Emily Perkins) are still the big draw here, as mild echoes of the original come around as Ginger starts to slowly turn into a werewolf.

I wondered if the sisters just happened to be named the same as thier descendants from the last two pictures, but I went with it. They are different characters - especially Bridgette - although some modern wordage slips in now and then.

Thrown into the mix is a wolfboy- who has not completely turned but kills and bites just the same, an Indian called The Hunter (Nathaniel Arcand) who wants to help protect the sisters, and that fatigue and lack of supplies has taken its toll on the guys inside the trading post. They sometimes turn on each other, and are highly suspcious of anyone entering the fort. Two characters may have been good guys at one time, but now the Chaplain is a twisted Fire N' Brimstone madman and another gets into sadistic acts. The latter even gets bit by an uninfected Bridgette, and squeezes his own blood out of his wound and onto her face. Don't worry, his Ginger Snaps sendoff is memorable- you gotta love that neck squib.

There's early closeups of the Hunter's tracking dog, which, if we didn't have the werewolves, one could make this pet a foe to reckon with. Sadly, I didn't see any wolf vs. dog action.

Oh, and then there's these leeches, which help detect and can suck up some wolf infection.

Grant Harvey, who was second unit on the first "Snaps", does a fairly decent job here, as some good scenes come along, including a 'Jurassic Park' moment where a guy is sucked through a gate by an attacking animal with the maximum carnage you could hope for. We even get a werewolf head on a pike later on. But again, the topper is the last fifteen minutes, where an infected Ginger commands a werewolf pack to trounce on the people in the fort.

Slick editing, nice camera angles, I found this much like the previous films: a nice surprise.

Reviewed By - Darren J Seeley

Rating ( 3 of 5 )



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